Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Being solitary...

Being a solitary eclectic Wiccan witch can be very lonely sometimes. I grew up going to Christian church with my family and I must admit that I miss the fellowship that church brings. I definitely don't miss the hypocrisy or the gossip, but I do miss the friendships I made. I find that it's pretty difficult being anything other than a Bible thumper down here in the southern United States. I sense the uncomfortable energy people get when I mention that I'm not a Christian...and then the freaked out, "you're a devil worshipper" face when I then tell them I am a Wiccan witch. It's hard for me to find other people that are like minded that I can hang out with. Most people are die hard Dianic or something. I'm more of an easy going, God and Goddess are symbolic, I don't really know what happens when you die type of Wiccan. I would love to meet a few people who shared in my beliefs so that we could join together for the Sabbats and a ritual or spell here and there. I would also love someone to hang out with who knows more about the Craft so they could teach me a thing or two. I question myself daily (like every other newcomer). I wasn't raised in Wicca, so I am teaching myself. But, what's most important to me is sticking to what I have always believed in. Stuff that no book or Bible or Koran can teach me. My fundamental beliefs are that we were created by something or someone. And that being or energy loves us, because it has instilled love in us. And the more we love, the purer we are and therefore the closer we get to that being. That what we do comes back to us. That in order to understand our creator we have to live in perfect love and perfect trust and spend time daily getting close to that creator. I love picturing the creator as a God and Goddess...but to me they are one. One being having both masculinity and femininity. This being can take on either form depending on the task at hand, but when it comes together (like for Beltane) it is at its strongest. I believe this being can show itself to us in many forms...whichever one speaks to us the best. I believe that is why everyone has a different idea of what our creator is like, because we all have our own personal experiences...and none of them are wrong. I believe this creator gave us ALL psychic abilities or a sixth sense. We have just lost touch with it along the way. And if you choose to exercise this sixth sense through meditation, spellcrafting, rituals, prayer, love and yes, good nutrition, you can achieve all that the creator has in store for you! These are my truths. Other Wiccans may knock me down and say that I am wrong for what I believe, but there is no rule book to Wicca. There is only what feels right to you. Never doubt what you believe...you believe it for a reason.  Blessed be! )O(


  1. I understand how you feel being solitary in a place where most people are christian, and also about missing church fellowship. I'm in central florida, in a pretty conservative city-sized town, basically. I don't hide it, but I don't talk about it, either. The other day a new friend was at my house on the other room and called out, ”Are you Wiccan?” And I come around the corner like, ”Who's asking, and what gave you that idea?” She saw the sticker on my laptop that says ”get a taste of religion, lick a witch.” its so nice to have somebody close I can talk to. She even has a thirteen year old son she has raised this way.

  2. It's nice when you meet like minded people! I'm glad you found my blog!