Friday, August 31, 2012

My absence and the blue moon!

I'm back! One of my major flaws is my lack of consistency! I have been stressed out lately and it gets the better of me. I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting on more posts. As for my last answer your questions, no I'm not pregnant again! lol Just moody and weird!

I have some great news! I have found a mentor and I have a feeling she is going to be a great friend! She feels I have great intuition for a newbie and that makes me feel good to hear.

So, tonight is the blue moon! It is the second full moon in the month of August 2012! Once again, I am feeling the pull of the moon very strongly tonight. I had planned on doing some spellcrafting, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to practice grounding and centering. I was reading up on it a bit online and came across an exercise. It said to practice directing your energy with a partner. So, I ran upstairs and asked my handsome man to help me out! :D I told him to take his shirt off and I removed mine (this was for the exercise I swear!-lol) and of course he was all for that! Then, I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and close his eyes and tell me if he feels anything. I sat behind him and pointed at his back about 2 or 3 inches away. I pictured a ball of light in my stomach getting stronger and then I pictured myself breathing in the light from this gorgeous full moon. I combined the light from the moon and myself and forced it out of my hand. I did this twice and then on the third time, I got frustrated and forced with all my might! He said, "Did you just touch me?". I flipped out! We tried a few different things. One where he stood in front of me and I was mentally telling his left arm to rise and it did. Then, we played around with reading thoughts. We found that I interpret emotions. He would think of being at peace and comfort and I would picture something that made me feel at peace and comfortable. After exercising this psychic part for a while we tried doing something WAY harder. I pictured a blank, white marker board and he pictured himself drawing or writing things on this board. We held hands or hugged and I managed to tell him the answers to questions he was writing to me and I was able to tell him pictures that he was drawing....almost every single time. And the times I was having issues he admitted his ADHD was getting the best of him. lol
Now, none of this proves anything to anyone except for me and him. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am just sharing something exciting that happened to me. Tonight, my plans changed. I didn't spellcraft, but I did exactly what the Goddess wanted. I listened to my intuitions and harnessed Her powers to gather my energies and USE THEM! :D  I don't doubt myself anymore. I know that what I am doing is real!

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  1. Great post.... The Blue Moon held a lot of power for me last night too....