Thursday, October 6, 2016

Decorations and Dreams

  Told ya I started decorating! :)  I still have more to do, but this is the focal point of the decorations in my apartment. It's cool, because I bought new curtains in Spring that are white and blue with owls on them and it kind of pulls all the fall decor together. Plus, I have tons of random owl things lying around my place. I also have a giant blow up pumpkin sitting inside my apartment right by the front door next to some crates where I make everyone put their shoes when they come in. I don't have a yard, but that isn't going to stop me from putting up ALL the decorations! Even if that means my family trips over them whilst trying to walk into the place. 

 I also put this damn ghost decoration on my front porch area and it scares the shit out of me when I open the door, because I think a small child is standing there. Normally that would irritate me, but because it's that special time of year I just laugh and laugh and remind myself that it's Halloween month and being scared is fun!

One day, my dream is to live in a house with a GIANT front porch that I can decorate. I want one of those double sided fireplaces that is on the outside on the porch and on the inside in the living room, separated by a brick wall, but sharing a chimney. My ideal porch looks like this...

My ideal living room looks like this...

source I go dreaming again. I actually love to play the Sims just to build the houses. I actually designed my dream home on there a couple of times. I think it's kind of neat to daydream about plans like this, because even if you don't ever actually achieve obtaining it you can see it so clearly in your mind's eye that it's almost like it's already yours. I totally believe that we create parts of our existence with the thoughts we have the most. I think it's all part of how the universe works. We are creative beings with powerful minds. There have been studies that show that our thoughts contain electric signals. You can find more information on what thoughts are from the engineering department at MIT here.
I'd love to hear some feedback on this subject and to hear what kind of dream houses you all would love to have.

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